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VITALS 09/27/18

Height: 72 in | Weight: 211.2 lb | Temp 98.4 °F | Pulse 56 bpm | BMI 28.6 | Blood pressure 146/86 mmHg

Labs: PSA 4.1 vitamin B12 545, vitamin D 29.9, total cholesterol 145, HDL-C 54, LDL-C 81

Current Medications & Supplements



(C61) Malignant neoplasm of prostate


1. Nutrition - Shift towards a anti-inflammatory/plant based diet. Incease fruit and whole grains to breakfast. Focus high-protein low carb, lower glycemic vegetables, onions, garlic, nuts, legumes (pulses), lentils, fish. Avoid dairy. Limit eggs and use egg white only when possible (the yokes have the cholesterol and choline which possibly may potentiate prostate cancer). If eating chicken, focus on skin-less breast meat. For grilling marinate with olive, vinegar, or lemon. Use herbs such as garlic, rosemary, time and oregano. This reduces advanced glycation end products. Polycylic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Aromatic Amines (AA). Also grill outside when possible to reduce exposure to these.

We can provide access to recipes on our website to your friends and family so they can assist with food preparation - please ask them to log on to our web site @ and use the client code Civana00. They will be granted free access to the site.

Food to focus on:

2. Consider 5:2 intermittent fasting. 1/2 calorie days twice per week (not days in a row). Use this day as an opportunity to maximize fruit and vegetable intake - ideally via a smoothly

3. Consider adding “movement” resistance training 1-2 times per week . A great way to increase core strength , flexibility and balance. This will be particularly important while on hormone therapy


4. Recommended supplements

PGX: Supports healthy glucose and insulin levels, creates a feeling of lasting fullness. Take 2 pills with a large glass of water before each meal. Watch for constipation and let me know if this starts to happen.

  • Labs & nutrition overview in 1 Month.

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