Here in Arizona, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, canyons, desert trails, rivers and vast lands that many of us strive to conquer and explore. With nearly 356 days of sunshine, Arizona is a world class mecca for competitiveness and athleticism. Whether you are a runner, hiker, cyclist, golfer, or enjoy the occasional yoga class, we all have the same goals: to reach optimal wellness, strength, and endurance. That is why we have developed a specific health program aimed for the athlete in all of us.

Our Program

  • Cardiometabolic, Body Composition & Food Sensitivity, Micronutrient Testing

  • 4 Fitness & Nutritional Consultations

  • Professional Grade Supplements

Our three month Athletic Performance Program is customized to each individual patient. You will meet with our Integrative Nutritional and Fitness Team over the three month span to optimize your diet and health. We will also provide you with a food sensitivity panel to learn which foods may actually be doing more harm than good. In addition, you will be provided access to our professional grade supplements to support optimal health in reaching your physical goal.

Cardiometabolic, body composition & Nutrition Testing

In this package you will have a comprehensive cardiometabolic blood panel, body composition analysis, micronutrient testing and food sensitivity testing. The food panel measure will measure your IgG reaction to test for signs of a leaky gut or adverse responses.  Once your food panel is reviewed we will help you to optimize your diet. In doing so, you will see your health improve by lowering inflammation levels and increasing vitality to reach your highest athletic goals.