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There is no substitute for mainstream or "Allopatic" medicine in acute and emergency situations. For chronic diseases however, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease and dementia, allopathic medicine may not be entirely effective. Many chronic diseases are rooted in diet, lifestyle, stresses to the mind and body, and genetics. Pharmaceutical medicine does not often help people completely heal from chronic illness and can be associated with significant side effects. Our Integrative Medicine services help address the underlying causes of many disease and can often help supplement conventional treatments to lessen side effects. 

Integrative Medicine:  Unifying healing-oriented medicine that takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between physician and patient, is informed by evidence, and makes use of all appropriate therapies including Conventional Medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Functional Medicine, Herbal Medicine and Mind-Body Techniques.



Advanced Imaging

Imaging plays a critical role in the treatment of many diseases, and particularly in cancer. Only when we know the extent or limit of cancer spread can the best treatment choices be made. Dr. Fabio served as the Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Arizona and has a unique background with training in Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine/Oncology Imaging.

integrative and functional medicine

Using the full fusion of our knowledge and skill set, our Integrative and Functional Medicine approach provide personalized treatments for specific health issues, and strategies for longevity and disease preventative. 

Cancer Care Navigation

As a Integrative Oncologist, Dr. Fabio is focused on helping people with cancer navigate this complex disease. Using the core of conventional and natural medicine, and helping to coordinate care between multiple disciplines for optimal outcomes.  

bioidentical hormones

Improve your quality of life with Individualized optimal hormone balance, for women and men.

workshops and programs

Programs to help you reach specific, well-defined health goals.