I recently saw Dr. Fabio for imaging relating to a serious illness. I was astounded to find a medical doctor that was so knowledgeable regarding both medical and alternative care options. He is a one of a kind resource for patients who are looking for an advocate to help navigate the bewildering array of options for treatment and lifestyle changes to become healthy.
— Don W., Washington
There is not ONE day that goes by when I don’t thank God for my good fortune of health and an amazing doctor that gave me my health back! Thank you Dr. Fabio
— Jim S., San Diego, Ca
Dr. Fabio; I just want to Thank You for your time spent with me on my first visit to you. I learned so much due to your patience in explaining everything to me in detail. You can give me help, advice, and direction, but in the end my health is my responsibility and the more I understand things, the better I can work at them. I really appreciate your detailed input and knowledge and am looking forward to having you as my Physician in the future.
— John L., Tempe Az
My experience with Dr. Fabio has resulted in a beneficial life changing surgery by his recommended surgeon coupled with his personally designed wellness program of diet and supplements that is keeping my prostate cancer at bay. Plus, he has a very personable and caring manner that puts the patient at ease.
— Mike B., Carefree AZ
The Center for Integrative Healing & Wellness at Civana was truly a life changing experience for me! I learned more in the two weeks I was there than I had reading and listening to all the diet and health information out there for years prior. The key for me was how personal the program is designed to be and how dedicated each and every staff member was to instilling confidence in me. I had so much love and support from the very first day.
— David S., Washinton