In the face of a cancer diagnosis, most people understandably head straight to surgeons who cut out tumors and to oncologists who use potent chemotherapy and radiation to root out disease. For many, the treatment ends there. But many experts now agree that it’s time to take a more holistic, long-term approach to the disease, and to pay closer attention to the overall health of patients suffering from cancer.

For the large majority of cancers, we believe that neither a purely conventional approach nor a purely natural approach is optimal. We believe in drawing from all branches of healthcare, using any and all modalities at our disposal - in other words, an “integrative” approach. 

The world of integrative oncology is expanding, and many people find that this is the best route for them, that is, they are interested in the “co-management” approach. Co-management means that the patient’s integrative oncologist, conventional medical oncologist, and other physicians or allied health practitioners work in concert for the best interest of the patient. Practitioners communicate with each other and plan together with the patient for the steps necessary to achieve the best results. 

We offer an integrative, whole person approach to the person with cancer. Our physicians & staff are experts at helping you achieve a safe and effective combination of natural/complementary therapies with conventional treatments, to reduce side effects, to restore health and vitality after completion of cancer treatments, and to help prevent cancer recurrences.

Our services and treatments

  • Advanced Diagnostic Imaging & Testing - Expert second option on CT, MRI, Ultrasound and PET scans.

  • Concierge coordination for appointments with specialists, clinical trials, insurance authorizations and the other details of meeting your medical needs.

  • Networking and medical advocacy with other institutions so that you can see nationally recognized specialists without months of waiting - for any needed care, not just cancer care.

  • Personalized Medicine and Advanced Nutritional Support

  • 24/7 access to your personal physician via phone, secure direct messaging

  • Exercise, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Botanical Medicine, Vitamins and Supplements - Coordinated use with conventional medications

  • IV therapy

  • Mind-body Medicine

  • A Physician in the family. A friend & advocate.

  • Digital record management and quick E-prescribing

How it works

Our Services are provided as a membership medical practice wherein patients contract directly for services, free of insurance constraints. Membership is limited – well below that of a standard insurance-based medical practice – allowing for improved access and more thorough, personalized medical services.

There is an annual fee for the core consultative services and separate fees for Imaging, Testing and IV therapies that is outside of your insurance coverage. See the Holistic & Integrative Care option on our Membership page. It can be paid by check, major credit card or through a Health Savings Account (HSA) at work.  

We also offer programs and assistance in coordinating alternative care for those that cannot tolerate conventional therapy, those for which conventional therapy has failed and for those that have chosen not to undergo any conventional therapy.